Konstnär: Lotte Laserstein

14 februari 2017

Lotte Meta Ida Laserstein, föddes i Ostpreussen 1998 och dog i Kalmar 1993. Laserstein avslutade sin utbildning i Berlin 1927 och fick snart stora framgångar. I och med nazisternas maktövertagande 1933 avbröts dock hennes lovande karriär, varpå hon flyttade till Sverige. Huvudsakligen kom hon här att etablera sig som porträttmålare, utöver personporträtt ägnade hon sig också åt landskapsmåleri.

Flicka med fågel

13 februari 2017

Zhao Kailin 92 x 104cm

Zhao Kailin. Målad 1993.

Olja på duk. Storlek 92×104 cm


05 februari 2017


Jacques Germain, olja på duk , 22 x 27cm
signerad J.G i nedre vänstra.


05 februari 2017



Jacques Germain, olja på duk , 27 x 22cm

signerad J.G i nedre högra


Konstnär: Jacques Germain

05 februari 2017

Jacques Germain was an internationally acclaimed member of the post-war Abstraction Lyrique group with Mathieu, Bryen, Riopelle, Vieira da Silva and Lanskoy, who were the European equivalent to the American Abstract Expressionists. As a young art student he had the privilege to work with Léger at the Académie Moderne (1931) and Kandinsky at the Bauhaus (from 1932 onwards). It wasn’t until after WWII though that Germain first exhibited his work, at the Salon des Surindépendants of 1947. After a short initial figurative period, he soon began to explore abstraction, which seemed natural to him, geometric at first, before developing the powerful resonant style of heightened gestural expression with which he achieved international success. His paintings, executed in this fluid manner, consist of an explosion of small rectangular surfaces, mostly in shades of white, lit by touches of vibrant colour. Germain’s contribution to the continuing re-interpretation of painting established him amongst the leading post-war painters, “The same French lyrical use of colour which found its great champion in Delaunay, has new exponents in Bazaine, Estève, Lombard and Germain” (M. Seuphor: A Dictionary of Abstract Painting, 1958).


Jacques Germain achieved international status in the 1950’s and featured in contemporary art exhibitions around the world until his recent death in 2001. In 1949 he started to exhibit at the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, an annual Salon founded in 1946 dedicated solely to the display of abstract art. Germain also participated frequently in the famous yearly “École de Paris” shows at Galerie Charpentier alongside Atlan, Hartung, Soulages, Poliakoff, as well as in important group exhibitions both in France and abroad, most notably Le Mouvement dans l’art Contemporain (Musée de Lausanne, 1955), Exposition Internationale de l’Art Abstrait, to celebrate the publication of Michel Seuphor’s seminal book on abstract art in 1957, Ecole de Paris (Mannheim, 1959), and the Irish International Exhibition of Modern Art (Dublin, 1962). He also held regular solo shows at the galleries Maeght, Pierre, Michel Warren, Kriegel, André Schoeller, Jacques Massol and Dina Vierny.


The artist’s work is now represented in many museums of modern art including the Musée National d’Art Moderne – Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), Musée d’Art Moderne (Paris, Ville), and the city museums of  Lille, Bremen, Bergen, Lausanne, and Oslo.

Till salu: Flickan

28 januari 2017



Zhao Kailin (1961-) olja på duk, 64 x 51cm

Utställd under konstnärens debututställningar på Kurtsvenssonskonsthandel 1993.

Starten på en framgångssaga utan dess like över hela världen.

Konstnär: Zhao Kailin

28 januari 2017


1961 Born in Bengbu at December, AnHui province of China
1991 graduated from the school of Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing . China
1992-1994 signed contract with Kurt Svenccons gallery and held personal oil
painting exhibitions with galleries in Stockholm, Sweden.
Currently immigrate to California U.S
He is the U.S Portrait Society membership
1992 June, The theme of ”From the East” held the first personal oil painting
exhibition at Stockholm . Sweden
1993 ”Zhao Kai Lin’s New Realism oil painting” exhibition at Stockholm . Sweden
1994 ”Zhao Kai Lin’s Realism Oil Painting across Northern Europe Region”
exhibition at Stockholm, Sweden
Also, the exhibitions received most positive comments from professional art
1994 The oil painting ”Lake” entered the ”Asian Art Exhibition,” and received the
2nd winner at Tokyo, Japan
1995 entered the ”Asian Art Show”, Hong Kong
1995 The oil painting ”The Song of May”, Christie’s Hong Kong Spring Auction.
1995 October, “Xiaoxiao at Studio”, ”The Girl with Fan”, International Art Fair.
Beijing .China
1997 invited by ”America Western Coast and Eastern Culture” Foundation, with an
international culture relationship, held an exhibition by the Foundation Art at Los
Angeles. U.S.
1998 ”Out of china” Kail Studio artwork exhibition Odon Wagner Gallery.
Toronto . Canada
1998-1999 held several exhibitions at Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and
1999 portrait of oil painting entered the ”Art Chicago” U.S
2000 The “New Journey beyond the Silk Road” Exhibition held for Kail studio
Artists group, Utopia Gallery, Cairns . Australia
2000 Oil Painting entered the ”Art Toronto”. Toronto. Canada
2001 International Art Fair at London, London. UK
2001 International Art Celebration Naples .Italy
2002 ”Portrait of Asian Artist” exhibition Seville .Spain
2002 ”The Kail Studio Artists Group Show”, Perth and London U K
2003 ” Art London ” 2003, London . U K
2004 The Kail studio artist group held the exhibition at gallery 27 , London. U K
2005 ” Art Miami” Miami . U S
2006 ”Los Angeles Art Show, Los Angeles . U S
2006 ”Zhao Kai Lin’s Realism Oil Painting”exhibition at Contemporary Chinese
Fine Art Gallery Laguna Beach , California . U S
2007 ”Art London ” London, U K
2007 Received the invitation by ”Love without Boundaries” Foundation to create
an oil painting portrait
2008 ”Los Angeles Art Show” Los Angeles . U S
2009 ” Art Miami ” Miami US
2010 ”The Arts 2010 Art Space Exhibition” Eli Klein fine art New York
2010 ”Shanghai Art Fair International Contemporary ” Shanghai China
2010 ”Art London”, London, U.K
2010 ”Art Miami”, Miami U.S
2010 ”Out Of China” Three artists group exhibitions, Odon Wagner Gallery Toronto . Canada
2011 ”Royal Academy of Art” exhibition London U.K
2011 ”Art Asia” December Miami U.S
2012 ” Lapada Art and Antique Art Fair” 2012 September London U.K
2012 ”Masterpiece” June London U.K
2012 ”Art Hamptons” July Bridgehampton NY U.S
2012 ”Art Asia” December Miami U.S
2013 AHAF HK 2013 – The 9th Asia Hotel Art Fair Feb 22 – 24th, 2013
2013 Art Monaco 2013, 25 – 28th of April at Grimaldi Forum, Monaco
2013 Lapada Art and Antique Art Fair 2013, September London U.K
2013 ”Art Miami”, Dec, 2013, Miami U.S
2014 ” LA ART SHOW ”, Jan 14 – 18th, 2014
2014 American International Fine Art Fair ( AIFAF) Feb 4 – 9th, Palm Beach, FL U.S
2014 ”Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show” Feb 14 – 19th, Palm Beach, FL U.S
2014 ”Chicago Art Show” April, IL U.S
2014 ”Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong” May 15th – 18th, HK
2014 ”Baltimore Art Show” August, Baltimore
2014 ”Asia Art Fair” (AAF) September, New York
2014 Lapada Art and Antique Fair 2014 September London U.K
2014 ”Fine Art Asia” October, Hong Kong
2014 ”Art Miami”, Dec 2014, Miami FL U.S
2015 ”Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show” Feb Palm Beach, FL U.S
2015 Naples Art Antique Show Feb, Florida U.S
2015 Olympia Art Antique Jewelry Show, London U.K
2015 Lapada Art and Antique Fair 2015 September London U.K
2015 Boston Fine Art Show, U.S
2016 ”Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show” Feb Palm Beach, FL U.S
2016 Naples Art Antique, Jewlery Show Feb, Florida U.S
2016 Aspen Antiques, Jewelry & Fine Art Fair , July at Colorado
2016 Lapada Art and Antique Fair 2015 September London U.K
2016 Palm Beach Jewelry Antique & Design Show, FL


2000 ”New Realism paintings Zhao Kailin” China. Beijing
2006 ”Chinese power painter – Zhao Kailin” China. Tianjin
2011 ”Overseas Chinese Oil Painting Artsit – Zhao Kailin” China. Jilin

Zhao Kailin’s work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Asia, Europe and U.S and is a part of notable public private collections. His art works have been shown to “Art News”, “Art & Anitques”, “Asia Art” and other media for years.

Winner of a number of awards for his works, his realism oil paintings represent all walks of life which has been widely loved and highly concerned by art collectors and lovers.

Räv i vinterlandskap

26 januari 2017


Bruno Liljefors, signerad Bruno Liljefors och daterad 1921. Duk 60 x 80 cm.

Till salu: Klocka, Swatch

25 januari 2017

Bengt Lindström Design 32mm

Till salu: ”Myths, Tales, Stories & Lies”

25 januari 2017


Mark Hampson (1968-)

Christs entry into Oldham, England, via Bantam, Connecticut, USA, (for James Ensor, Belgian painter and Alice Saxon, Sunday School teacher and all round nice persons)
Size: ca 155 x 210cm,  1995
Acrylic and lithographic collage on canvas

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